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My name is Ferdo Voigt.
I travel to different corners of the world to get inspiration for
my paintings.
Wheather I'm photographing a butterfly in Thailand or
swimming with manatees in the Carribean,
my mind is constantly filling up with
ideas to create paintings for the rest of the world to see.

On canvas, I create the emotion, or beauty of Some of the world's most
breathtaking moments in time.
Due to my passion for wildlife,a lot of work is baced on that.At times,
I spend months in remote jungle to capture the ideal photos to work with.
I also create portraits and landscapes to capture the
beauty in my own style.

I specialize in oilpaintings and my work is hanging proudly on many
walls around the globe.

Commission work is always welcome.

Feel free to contact me with any enquieries.
Have a colourful day.

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